Tactical Sales Process Design & Execution
I’ve worked with consultants myself in various roles, and most of them are great at talking “conceptually”, but need your team to do the work. Some companies don’t have that luxury or the resources to put these ideas into action. If you need me to roll up my sleeves, I’m happy to get down into the weeds and bring these concepts to life. Designing high-growth revenue systems is about creating a healthy balance of “sales individualism” combined with the right “process-driven” guardrails on key conversion points that have had proven success. If you aren’t giving your team the “tools” to be successful, you’re holding them back and limiting your upside.

Selling Tool Content Creation

▢ Persona-based selling worksheets

▢ Outbound Cadence/Sequence design and optimizationn

▢ Sales Deck Assessment / Review & Optimization

▢ Discovery doc: universal form for all intro calls

▢ Outbound call scripts / Attention Grabbers

▢ Mutual Plan framework and templates for complex ENT deals

▢ Competitive Battlecards

▢ Objection Handling Frameworks

Sales Process Refinement

▢ What’s the definition of an opportunity? Gotta have consistency here…

▢ Sales Stage Optimization with Entry/Exit Criteria

▢ Discovery process review and intro-call framework optimization

▢ Sales Playbook Creation (most VCs want to see this during diligence)

▢ Pricing / Packaging / Proposal Review & Assessment

▢ Stand up or assess monthly / quarterly forecast cadence

Live Coaching / Deal Execution

▢ Tactical Deal coaching w/ reps to identify risk and execute on plays to win

▢ 1:1s with existing team to inspire, guide, coach & ensure alignment)

▢ Chorus/Gong Call Review and Coaching

▢ Host “Must-Win” deal huddles

▢ Sales Manager as-a-service -> Live Deal call help

▢ Executive deal wiring through Ray’s professional network


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