Sales & GTM Consulting (Advisory)
Growing revenue at a SaaS company isn't just about what happens in the trenches, it's about charting the right strategy for repeatable and sustainable growth. If you hire great people but execute the wrong strategy, you won't win. If you build the perfect strategy but hire the wrong people to execute it, you'll be in the same boat. To design the right strategy, you need to know your growth levers. These are things such as average sales price, deal velocity, win rate by segment, opportunity conversation rate, meeting to opp conversion rate by channel the list goes on. I help companies assess, gather put all these pieces together into a cohesive strategy. Specifically, here are some of the key areas I've helped with:

Saas GTM 101 for Founders

▢ Learn the language & Key Inputs to assess performance

▢ How to inspire world-class sales execution

▢ Understand the various roles you'll need as you scale

▢ What are characteristics of people who can do the job?

▢ Current revenue state assessment and suggested improvements

▢ Answers GTM questions you've been too ashamed to ask

Revenue Strategy

▢ Focus: Who's your target market? Are you sure?

▢ Segmentation Strategy: rabbits, deer, elephants, or whales?

▢ Persona Mapping & Discovery

▢ Sounding board for strategic / necessary GTM adjustments

▢ What metrics should we be measuring to ensure success?

Planning for Success

▢ Revenue Plan Modeling (Inbound/Outbound contributions)

▢ Engines of Growth (New Business, Cross-Sell, Expansion, Partner-led)

▢ Top-Down Headcount/ARR Capacity planning

▢ Sales Compensation Design (AE, SDR/BDR, etc)

▢ Shaping new Rep Ramp up Time

▢ New Sales Hire Onboarding


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