Hi, and if we haven’t met before, I’m Ray. 👋

I’m a SaaS go-to-market operator with 20+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Customer Success.

My claim to fame is being the 28th employee at Marketo and riding the wave from a tiny no-name startup through the IPO and eventual private equity acquisition.

After Marketo, I joined Engagio as VP Sales and recruited all our initial GTM hires. With the help of some great people, we built the early team and processes that helped the business grow from ~250K ARR to 8.5MARR in 3 years and eventual exit to Demandbase (June 2020).

Most recently, I was recruited from Engagio to bring the mojo back to the revenue organization at Skilljar. We re-accelerated growth in the face of the pandemic and went from 6-12M ARR with no incremental investments in GTM. This improved performance and efficiency helped propel us to a 33M Series B led by Insight Venture Partners at a 4x valuation increase from the previous round.

I love helping startups and scale-ups. When I’m not working full-time for one, I’m working part-time for founding CEOs who want to accelerate growth through world-class sales process design, revenue planning, and GTM coaching. Introducing high-caliber talent to great places to work is another passion of mine and I enjoy connecting proven performers across all departments from my network with companies that have an exciting growth trajectory ahead.

RC Ventures is my personal LLC for startup GTM consulting, angel investing, and other business ventures. Call it my “side hustle” if you will so I can stay cash flow positive for when I’m taking a breather or on the lookout for the next big thing 📈.


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RC Ventures | Ray Carroll

Early/Mid Stage SaaS Operator: Consulting & Services